Sfakia is located on the Southern and Eastern sides of Lefka Ori at a distance of 75 Km from Chania. The municipality of Sfakia has the biggest extension in all of Crete. The name Sfakia come from the word “Sfaks” which means human gap which perfectly describes this place because of all the gorges that surround it. The lands are not fertile and the scene has a permanent wild aspect, a fact which is intensely noticed throughout your whole way to Sfakia.

The history of Sfakia is very big and the bravery of the residence through all of the destructions that took place there are characteristic. The “Sfakia people” are the only Cretans that dealt with sea transport and trade during the Ottoman domination. Thanks to it’s geographical location and the bravery of the Rebels they remained without slavery.

Nowadays, the residents are occupied with tourism, live-stock farming, agriculture and fishery. The rich traditions and customs of the place are greatly supported by the locals who are trying to save them with every way.

Sfakia is the best spot to use as a base so you can be able to explore that side of Crete.

Tours in the region of Sfakia

Chora Sfakion is situated about 65 km from the city of Chania and can be reached by car, taxis and regular buses from speed dating pages the main road which runs along the north coast of the island. There are also regular boat connections between Chora Sfakion, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia and Paleohora on the South coast of the island.

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Agia Roumeli is located just 1 hour by ferry from Sfakia. There is no road to get there by car. One way to get there is by the ferry lines, as I have already mentioned, and the other way is by foot either from the Samaria gorge or by going through the Ai Giannis village in Anopolis.

The villages landscape is composed of the clean blue waters of the Libyan Sea, the huge beach with the wonderful pebbles, the wild mountains that surround the village which causes Awe, the beautiful stone roads and the unbelievably nice and colorful gardens which you will see at every house. The people are very friendly and always willing to treat you a shot of “tsikoudia”.

Quite a few thousand tourists pass by the village every year because of the Samaria gorge but most of the are only passing by. You will see the magic of this place only if you stay in Agia Roumeli. After the departure of the last ship, there is total peace and quiet at the village. If you wait a little until the sun sets, you can take a lot of walks. You england american dating can go up to the castle which found on top of the village and from there you can admire the unbelievably beautiful scene of the village in combination of the immense blue of the sea. You can walk up to the old village of Agia Roumeli which is only 2 km and see the ruins of houses that were destroyed when the river overflowed. That was the reason seniors vacations singles why the residents came down to the coastal area. You can walk to the beach and collect beautiful colorful pebbles and shells which the sea has washed ashore or you can simply not do anything, just sit on the balcony of your room and enjoy the total peace that this place offers you. You should definitely not miss going to the beach of Agios Pavlos which is approximately 40 minutes away but it is really worth it and see the little church that is there which is one of the nicest ones in the area. A night swim is a must as you can also sleep on the beach under a sky full of stars.

Whoever has discovered the real beauty of Agia Roumeli and it’s residents is a very fanatic visitor and they never change this for any other destination. You should undoubtedly visit it!! You can stay in rooms for rent “LIVIKON”.

Gavdos is located on the most Southern part of Europe and it is a small island 20 miles South from Sfakia. Even though it is a small island it has got a very rich history because of it’s geographic spot. Homer identifies Gavdo with the island of Kalipsos where Odysseus resided. Apostle Pavlos also stayed at the island in 64 B.C. because of bad weather, while he was being transferred to Rome to be judged.

The paradise sandy beaches with the see through waters are some of the characteristic beauties of the island. The relaxation is offered to you generously. It is not accidental that whoever goes there forgets to come back. It is an experience which is undoubtedly worth it!

Fragokastelo is a small coastal settlement which is only 13 km from Sfakia. The main site is an impressive Venetian castle which was built in 1371 A.D and was renovated in the 19th century A.D. The castle was built according to fort architecture. It is made up of four square towers which are connected with walls to make a rectangle shaped building. At the main entrance that is located South, dominates the flying lion of St. Maros. The castles history is connected with repeated battles while even today different stories about ghosts that appear at the day breaks of May. One explanation of this phenomenon is that it’s caused by mirror images from the North coast of Africa. Besides the castle, there is the beach Orthi Ammos with the sand hills. The waters are limpid and the bottom deepens very smoothly.

Just some advice before you go there make sure you check the weather report and make sure the wind isn’t North because you will not be able to enjoy anything I mentioned above.

The Samaria Gorge is one of the main sites of Crete and generally one of the main sites of all of Greece. It is the longest gorge in all of Europe as it has a length of 18 km starting from the plateau of Omalos and ending in Agia Roumeli. The village of Samaria is located in the middle of the gorge, which was vacated in 1962 when it was nominated national forest. The forest is especially rich in flora and animals, it is said that there are 450 types of plants. This beauty had to be respected by the visitor and not be destroyed. If you are lucky you can see the “kri-kri”, the wild animal of the gorge, the wild goats.

You can go through the gorge in 6 hours if you walk relaxed and of course you always have to wear suitable shoes and a hat. There are water taps there with running water at various spots of the destination. If you are not used to walking a lot you will be a little soar the next day.

The Samaria gorge is a destination which each of us should have gone through!!

Loutro is a small graphic fish town of the province of Sfakia, only 15 minutes by ferry or approximately 1 hour if you like walking.

The village was named Loutro from the “loutra” (baths or waters) that were found there, which come from Anopolis. It is believed that Loutro was the side of the ancient city Finikas like the harbor of the ancient Anopolis, It’s gulf which consists of a natural harbor where the ships are safe even in bad weather conditions and that’s the reason why the winter harbor of Sfakia existed.

The harmony, the peace and quiet are those that are offered to you there. It is sure that you will not be bothered by cars (simply because you won’t see any!).

Small ferries leave daily from Sfakia going to the Sweet Waters which take only 10 minutes to get you to the blue green waters of the isolated beach. If you can’t stand the cold water at all, here you will have a hard time swimming. The sea is freezing cold because of the water that comes from mount Lefka Ori.
Marmara is a very small beach at the end of the Aradena gorge with very characteristic rocks that surround it. With a small boat from Sfakia, in 20 minutes you are already laying on the beach and enjoying the unbelievably crystal clean waters.
Askyfou is about 50 km from Chania going towards Sfakia and it is located at an altitude of dating age calculator 730 meters. It’s name come from the work “Skufos” which namastea dating means giant cup in ancient Greek, and it is because it looks like one morphologically as it is surrounded from the higher mountain tops of Lefka Ori. It is said that thousands of years ago it was a big lake.

In Askyfou in 1821 there was a battle with the Turks where the people of Sfakia won. In 1823 the village was completely burnt by Hussein Bei, the only thing left from that is the small fortress which is on the top, North-east of the village. It is worth visiting the martial museum of the village which has material that is worthwhile and it is mainly about the II worlds war.

The scene that you will see from the top before you get to the village imposes that you have a camera to take pictures.

Anopoli is at an altitude of 600 meters on Lefka Ori, located 20 minutes by car from Sfakia. During the whole way there you have a view of the Libyan sea. The village used to be the center of resistance against the Venetians and it also played an important role in the revolution in 1770 against the Turks having Ioanni Daskalogianni as a leader.

As you are in Anopoli, walking 10 more minutes you will get to Aradena. Here existed the ancient city called “Aradin” and there are some ruins saved close to the village. It is said that the city was founded by the ancient Phinicians. From there you can go through the Aradena gorge where the wilderness of this place will impress you.

Nearby Beaches



Vrysi // 1 minute by foot

Iliggas // 5 minutes by car driving towards Anopolis

Ammoudi // 5 minutes going East

Fylaki// 7 minutes going East by car

Koutelos // 10 minutes by car at Vouvas village

Fragokastelo // 20 minutes by car

Glyka Nera (sweet waters) // 5 minutes by sail

Marmara //10 minutes by sail




Samaria gorge

Imbrou gorge

Aradena gorge

Kallikrati gorge

Mount Kastro from Askyfou






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